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Annual Drive

Early Connections is committed to serving young children and their families. We also are committed to responding to unmet needs as they are presented and determined to fit with our mission and vision. We will continue to work closely with Erie Together and also the Erie Community Foundation’s Early Childhood focus.

Through the eyes of a child we strive to educate decision makers about the importance of early care and education so that funding grows to reach and serve every child. We know the results and can’t afford to NOT provide the best beginnings for our children. Our community (and the greater community of Commonwealth and Nation) cannot, in the spirit of cutting budget line items, lose its vision of working to educate and support children at the youngest ages. We remain committed to this critical work.

Knowing that quality economic returns come from quality investments in early childhood development, we must insure the future of our community by investing early. The future of our community depends on all of us taking action and ensuring that we go forward…through the eyes of a child.

We ask you to join us as one of our partners–through time, talent, and financial contribution. As with many nonprofits, Early Connections faces financial challenges as we attempt to provide high quality early care and education. We strive to have excellent curriculum, state of the art trainings, and to be able to attract and adequately pay quality staff–none of that can be a reality without financial support from others. Your generosity will make a significant difference for children and their families. Thank you!